High-quality, new-age art inspired by Japanese craftsmanship.

“Welcome to Keimōro, a world of high quality, new-age art inspired by Japanese craftsmanship.”

Our name is derived from “Keimo” meaning enlightening in Japanese, and “oro,” representing the valuable asset of gold. 

Keimōro was founded with a vision to create exceptional pieces of art that would embody the essence of Japanese culture and craftsmanship.

Our products are perfect for those who appreciate the finer things in life. They make a stunning addition to any room and are ideal for highly sophisticated individuals who appreciate the beauty of Japanese culture and art.

Frequently asked questions

Unlike mass-produced items, Keimōro art products are not made by machines, which means that each piece may have slight variations and imperfections that make it one-of-a-kind. Our products are also often made from high-quality materials and may have a longer lifespan than mass-produced items.

The materials used for each product vary depending on the type of art being created.
However, common materials used in our handmade art products include high-quality paints, canvas, paper, leather, carton and other props making our art unique and premium.

Keimōro studio is based in Slovenia.

It’s important to take proper care of your handmade art product to ensure it lasts for a long time. The care instructions will vary depending on the type of art and materials used. We provide care instructions for each product, and we are also available to answer any questions you may have.

We are confident that you will appreciate the artistic masterpieces offered by Keimoro, as evidenced by our clients worldwide. In the event that you wish to return an art piece, please note that it must be in its original sealed condition to ensure its quality. Please be aware that items purchased with a discount code or during a sale cannot be returned, and any return shipping costs will be the responsibility of the buyer. Returns must be initiated within 14 days of the original purchase date. Please note that items that are made to order or custom pieces are not eligible for return, as they are produced on demand and cannot be refunded.

We take pride in the fact that all of our products are authentic and handmade by our
talented artists. Each product is unique and crafted with care and attention to detail. We
provide a certificate of authenticity with each purchase that verifies the artist and materials
used to create the product.

We take great care in packaging our handmade art products to ensure they arrive at their
destination in the same condition as when they left our studio. Depending on the product,
we may use bubble wrap, tissue paper, or other protective materials to cushion the product
during shipping. We also use sturdy boxes to prevent any damage during transit.

Keimōro customers

truly delighted with the beutiful piece…

Peter K.

Manifestation. Hard work pays off.


Quickly delivered. Thanks


Breathtaking art. Empowering my business environment


Placed it in our family gallery. A true masterpiece


Amazed by the quality of the $$$

We invite you to join us on our artistic journey and discover the beauty of Keimōro.
The Power of Wealth - Framed $10,000
The Illusion of Choice - Framed Red and Blue Pill
The Price of Freedom - Framed Passport, Ticket and $10,000